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Liebe Freunde Krishnamurtis,


In München findet jeweils                                

am 1. und 3. Sonntag eines Monats 

ein Krishnamurti - Informationstag statt 

Unter anderem mit Filmvorführungen 

von Reden und Dialogen  J. Krishnamurtis ,

mit Informationen über Krishnamurti Schulen 

und Krishnamurti Studienzentren, 

mit Büchern von Originaltexten 

DVDs und Kassetten der  Lehre Krishnamurtis 

in deutscher und in englischer Sprache. 


August 2017 = Sommerpause

Dezember 2017 = Winterpause


Nächster Termin :  6. Mai 2018


               Öffnungszeit :  1 0 - 1 7   Uhr 


Beginn der Filme :

11 Uhr in Englisch        

14 Uhr in Englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung


Um rechtzeitiges Erscheinen wird höflich gebeten.

Mit Rücksicht auf die Anwesenden besteht während 

der ca. 90 minütigen Filmvorführungen kein Einlass.


Ort :  Akasha Buchhandlung

             Buttermelcherstrasse 3

           80469 München

           MVG - Haltestelle : Reichenbachplatz

           Tram : Linie 16 und Linie 17

( Die  Akasha Buchhandlung  hat auch ein sehr umfangreiches

Angebot an Büchern von  Jiddu Krishnamurti  in deutscher und  

in englischer Sprache.)


Eintritt frei  

Die endgültige Bestätigung  dieser Termine 

erhalten Sie jeweils ab eine Woche vorher unter :    

          Telefon  089 / 28 091 28




Krishnamurti im Schneidersitz vor einem Mikrofon
Jiddu Krishnamurti in Indien



J. K r i s h n a m u r t i :


"Die Lehre als solche ist bedeutsam.

Interpreten und Kommentatoren entstellen sie nur.

Es ist ratsam direkt zur Quelle, der Lehre selbst,

zu gehen und nicht durch irgendeine Authorität."


"The teachings are important in themselves and interpreters and commentators only distort them.  

It is advisable to go directly to the source, 

the teachings themselves, 

and not through any authority."






Seitliches Porträtfoto von Krishnamurti
Jiddu Krishnamurti


                               T ä g l i c h e  Z i t a t e 

                         -  D a i l y  Q u o t e s  - 

                          aus Gesprächen und Dialogen 

                                       J. Krishnamurtis

                                              ( in Englisch )  

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Prayer Is a Complex Affair

Like all deep human problems, prayer is a complex affair and not to be rushed at; it needs patience, careful and tolerant probing, and one cannot demand definite conclusions and decisions. Without understanding himself, he who prays may through his very prayer be led to self-delusion. We sometimes hear people say, and several have told me, that when they pray to what they call God for worldly things, their prayers are often granted. If they have faith, and depending upon the intensity of their prayer, what they seek -health, comfort, worldly possessions-they eventually get. If one indulges in petitionary prayer it brings its own reward, the thing asked for is often granted, and this further strengthens supplications. Then there is the prayer, not for things or for people, but to experience reality, God, which is also frequently answered; and there are still other forms of petitionary prayer, more subtle and devious, but nevertheless supplicating, begging and offering. All such prayers have their own reward, they bring their own experiences; but do they lead to the realization of the ultimate reality?Are we not the result of the past, and are we not therefore related to the enormous reservoir of greed and hate, with their opposites? Surely, when we make an appeal, or offer a petitionary prayer, we are calling upon this reservoir of accumulated greed, and so on, which does bring its own reward, and has its price. Does supplication to another, to something outside, bring about the understanding of truth? - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

The Religious Mind Is Explosive

Can we discover for ourselves what is the religious mind? The scientist in his laboratory is really a scientist; he is not persuaded by his nationalism, by his fears, by his vanities, ambitions, and local demands; there, he is merely investigating. But outside the laboratory, he is like anybody else with his prejudices, with his ambitions, with his nationality, with his vanities, with his jealousies, and all the rest of it. Such a mind cannot approach the religious mind. The religious mind does not function from a center of authority, whether it is accumulated knowledge as tradition, or it is experience which is really the continuation of tradition, the continuation of conditioning. The religious spirit does not think in terms of time, the immediate results, the immediate reformation within the pattern of society. We said the religious mind is not a ritualistic mind; it does not belong to any church, to any group, to any pattern of thinking. The religious mind is the mind that has entered into the unknown, and you cannot come to the unknown except by jumping; you cannot carefully calculate and enter the unknown. The religious mind is the real revolutionary mind, and the revolutionary mind is not a reaction to what has been. The religious mind is really explosive, creative, not in the accepted sense of the word creative, as in a poem, decoration, or building, as in architecture, music, poetry, and all the rest of it, it is in a state of creation. - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life






seitliches Porträt von Krishnamurti
Jiddu Krishnamurti im Park



 J. K r i s h n a m u r t i : 


"Meditation ist wie die Brise die hereinkommt 

wenn Du das Fenster offen lässt; 

aber, wenn Du es bewusst offen lässt, 

sie bewusst einlädst zu kommen, 

wird sie niemals erscheinen."       (The Only Revolution)             


"Meditation is like the breeze that comes in 

when you leave the window open; 

but if you deliberately keep it open, 

deliberately invite it to come, 

it will never appear."         (The Only Revolution) 




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Der ehemalige Pepper Tree in Ojai
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