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            I n f o r m a t i o n s t a g e 

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Liebe Freunde Krishnamurtis,


In München findet jeweils                                

am 3. Sonntag eines Monats 

ein Krishnamurti - Informationstag statt 

Unter anderem mit Filmvorführungen 

von Reden und Dialogen  J. Krishnamurtis ,

mit Informationen über Krishnamurti Schulen 

und Krishnamurti Studienzentren, 

mit Büchern von Originaltexten 

DVDs und Kassetten der  Lehre Krishnamurtis 

in deutscher und in englischer Sprache. 


August 2019 = Sommerpause

Dezember 2019 = Winterpause


 Nächster Termin :   1 7. Februar  2019 


 Der deutsch-englische Film  beginnt dann um 13.30 Uhr !!! 


Öffnungszeit :  10 - 17  Uhr


Beginn der Filme :

11 Uhr in Englisch        

13.30 Uhr in Englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung


Um rechtzeitiges Erscheinen wird höflich gebeten.

Mit Rücksicht auf die Anwesenden besteht während 

der ca. 90 minütigen Filmvorführungen kein Einlass.


Ort :  Akasha Buchhandlung

             Buttermelcherstrasse 3

           80469 München

           MVG - Haltestelle : Reichenbachplatz

           Tram : Linie 16 und Linie 17

( Die  Akasha Buchhandlung  hat auch ein sehr umfangreiches

Angebot an Büchern von  Jiddu Krishnamurti  in deutscher und  

in englischer Sprache.)


Eintritt frei  

Die endgültige Bestätigung  dieser Termine 

erhalten Sie jeweils ab eine Woche vorher unter :    

          Telefon  089 / 28 091 28




Krishnamurti im Schneidersitz vor einem Mikrofon
Jiddu Krishnamurti in Indien



J. K r i s h n a m u r t i :


"Die Lehre als solche ist bedeutsam.

Interpreten und Kommentatoren entstellen sie nur.

Es ist ratsam direkt zur Quelle, der Lehre selbst,

zu gehen und nicht durch irgendeine Authorität."


"The teachings are important in themselves and interpreters and commentators only distort them.  

It is advisable to go directly to the source, 

the teachings themselves, 

and not through any authority."






Seitliches Porträtfoto von Krishnamurti
Jiddu Krishnamurti


                               T ä g l i c h e  Z i t a t e 

                         -  D a i l y  Q u o t e s  - 

                          aus Gesprächen und Dialogen 

                                       J. Krishnamurtis

                                              ( in Englisch )  

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To Climb High One Must Begin Low

Religious organizations become as fixed and as rigid as the thoughts of those who belong to them. Life is a constant change, a continual becoming, a ceaseless revolution, and because an organization can never be pliable, it stands in the way of change; it becomes reactionary to protect itself. The search for truth is individual, not congregational. To commune with the real there must be aloneness, not isolation, but freedom from all influence and opinion. Organizations of thought inevitably become hindrances to thought.As you yourself are aware, the greed for power is almost inexhaustible in a so-called spiritual organization; this greed is covered over by all kinds of sweet and official-sounding words, but the canker of avariciousness, pride and antagonism is nourished and shared. From this grow conflict, intolerance, sectarianism, and other ugly manifestations.Would it not be wiser to have small informed groups of twenty or twenty-five persons, without dues or membership, meeting where it is convenient to discuss gently the approach to reality? To prevent any group from becoming exclusive, each member could from time to time encourage and perhaps join another small group; thus, it would be extensive, not narrow and parochial.To climb high one must begin low. Out of this small beginning one may help to create a more sane and happy world. - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Is There Truth in Religions?

The question is: Is there not truth in religions, in theories, in ideals, in beliefs? Let us examine. What do we mean by religion? Surely, not organized religion, not Hinduism, Buddhism, or Christianity, which are all organized beliefs with their propaganda, conversion, proselytism, compulsion, and so on. Is there any truth in organized religion? It may engulf, enmesh truth, but the organized religion itself is not true. Therefore, organized religion is false, it separates man from man. You are a Muslim, I am a Hindu, another is a Christian or a Buddhist and we are wrangling, butchering each other. Is there any truth in that? We are not discussing religion as the pursuit of truth, but we are considering if there is any truth in organized religion. We are so conditioned by organized religion to think there is truth in it that we have come to believe that by calling oneself a Hindu, one is somebody, or one will find God. How absurd, sir; to find God, to find reality, there must be virtue. Virtue is freedom, and only through freedom can truth be discovered, not when you are caught in the hands of organized religion, with its beliefs. And is there any truth in theories, in ideals, in beliefs? Why do you have beliefs? Obviously, because beliefs give you security, comfort, safety, a guide. In yourself you are frightened, you want to be protected, you want to lean on somebody, and therefore, you create the ideal, which prevents you from understanding that which is. Therefore, an ideal becomes a hindrance to action. - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life













seitliches Porträt von Krishnamurti
Jiddu Krishnamurti im Park





  J. K r i s h n a m u r t i : 


"Meditation ist wie die Brise die hereinkommt 

wenn Du das Fenster offen lässt; 

aber, wenn Du es bewusst offen lässt, 

sie bewusst einlädst zu kommen, 

wird sie niemals erscheinen."       (The Only Revolution)             


"Meditation is like the breeze that comes in 

when you leave the window open; 

but if you deliberately keep it open, 

deliberately invite it to come, 

it will never appear."         (The Only Revolution) 




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